TikTok brings strike system to help with content moderation

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“Strike. You’re out!”, says TikTok, as the popular video-sharing app just unveiled its new strike system. This is an attempt to help with content moderation on the platform. The company announced this in a recent blog post, and this post outlines the company’s attempts at transparency.

Content moderation for ANY platform is difficult. But, when you’re talking about a platform as monumental as TikTok, it’s almost impossible. The company has an army of human moderators who are tasked with getting rid of harmful content.

However, these people come across traumatizing content on a daily basis. This is stuff as tame as porn (yes, that’s the least traumatizing content), but it also involves abuse, murder, and harm toward children.


The TikTok strike system could help with content moderation

To help punish repeat offenders, TikTok is bringing some new moderation tools. Starting off, the company is bringing in a system similar to what YouTube has. If you violate the terms of service, you’ll get a strike on your record. If you cross the strike threshold, your account will be banned. How many times do you have to violate the ToS before you strike out? Well, the company says that it varies depending on the offense.

Minor offenses will gain you a strike while more serious violations may wrack up multiple strikes at a time. There are certain violations that could get your account banned in one go.

Just like with YouTube, you’ll be able to view how many strikes you’ve accumulated on your profile. The strikes page will give you a brief summary of your strikes and tell you if your account is in good standing or not. It’s a good progress report to let you know if you’re on thin ice.


When you get a strike, it won’t stay on your account permanently. It will go away after 90 days. We’re not sure if there will be any exceptions for strikes that are more severe. The company is currently rolling out this new policy.