Snapchat adds new audio and video features for creators

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Snap is constantly adding new features to Snapchat to help creators on the platform deliver content. Now, according to The Verge, there are some new audio features being brought to Snapchat. These are great for people who like to add sound and music to their content.

Sound and music are really important for content nowadays, as evidenced by TikTok’s dominance. A lot of modern short-form video content involves music either for comedic effect, dances, lipsyncs, etc.

This is why Snapchat has new audio features coming

The company unveiled two prominent features that users will be able to use soon. The first feature centers around sound effects. You can choose different sound effects to add to your Snapchat posts. This new feature will actually suggest the sound effects most often used with the Lens that you’re using.

This will give users which sound effects are trending at the moment. It’s a small change, but some people might like to know which sounds are the most popular.


The last feature is for people who like to make montages on the platform. When you add music, Snapchat will actually sync the contents of the montage to that music. It will make the photos and videos appear in sync with the beat of the music.

These features should reach users pretty soon. If you don’t see these features, then you’ll want to wait just a couple of days for them to reach you.

Despite the competitive landscape that social media and video apps have to traverse, Snapchat is still prospering. Recently, Snap reported that it reached a significant milestone.

Snapchat finally crossed 750 million monthly active users. That’s a major goal, and it shows that people are still flocking to the app amid the hype with TikTok and other platforms. Of that number, there are about 375 million daily active users. As time goes on, the company will continue to release more features to gain more users.