Samsung Mobile business wins an award for their performance

Samsung Mobile business social media presence award

Just in, Samsung Mobile business has been bestowed with an award for their social media performance. This award is from Wisight, Thailand’s number 1 social media analytics service. The analytics firm gave Samsung this award at their 11th Thailand Social Awards event.

The award honors Samsung’s presence on various social media platforms across the country. Samsung Thailand took to its website to post this victory for its fans in and out of the country. Here is everything you need to know about the best brand performance on social media awards presented to Samsung.

Details on the Samsung Mobile business’ best brand performance on social media award

Samsung Mobile business got the best brand performance on social media award from Wisight in Thailand. This award honors Samsung’s presence on various social media platforms. Over 300 other social media performance awards were presented to other individuals and businesses present at this event.

According to Wisight, these awards reflect the voice of the public through a selection system. This system tests the performance of the various nominees on social media platforms in Thailand. How well users of these social media platforms relate with these businesses or creators is a major determining factor. The result from this selection process then goes through some evaluation before the awards get to the awardees.


The process uses a benchmark known as the “WISESIGHT METRIC” that measures the growth of the business on social media. According to Wisight, the “METRIC” system serves as a “measurement criterion.” This system has three subsystems known as Brand, Content, and Creator METRIC.

The social media accounts of Samsung Mobile business in Thailand went through the Brand METRIC evaluation system. This tested for fundamental factors (followers, reactions, comments, etc) and analytical factors (comment ratio, share ratio, and sentiment). After going through these testing phases, Samsung’s social media accounts in Thailand came in line to win this award.

There were various award categories featuring various industries for the award presentation. Samsung, along with Huawei, OPPO, Vivo, and Sony all got awards in the Mobile and Consumer electronics category. This shows the active presence of the Samsung Mobile business on various social media platforms in Thailand.