Samsung FlexMirror could be a reflective folding display

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Samsung may have a new type of flexible or folding display in the works. The company’s display manufacturing division Samsung Display recently applied for a trademark for the brand “FlexMirror”. The name suggests the product will be a flexible panel with reflective properties. But details are scarce, so we can’t confirm anything.

The Korean tech giant filed this trademark application with KIPRIS (Korea Intellectual Property Rights Information Service) this Monday, February 6 (via). The information on the KIPRIS database reveals that the Samsung FlexMirror is a display that can be used on smartphones, tablets, TVs, computers, digital signage, digital cameras, monitors, wearables, and other electronic gadgets. In other words, it can come in various sizes.

However, that’s pretty much all we can take away from the KIPRIS database. There’s no way to confirm if the FlexMirror has reflective properties. These kinds of concepts aren’t new. There already exists electronic gadgets that serve as a screen when powered on, and as a mirror when off. It’s possible that Samsung is looking to enter this field. If not by itself, then by selling the display to other firms. The Korean behemoth is already one of the biggest vendors of display solutions.


That said, trademark applications are never a confirmation that the company is working on a product with that name. Tech firms often apply for trademarks just to protect brands and names that fit in their existing product portfolio. This is done to ensure that they have the name available should they pursue such a product in the future. Many trademarked names never end up being real products. They remain just a trademark and nothing more.

Samsung may soon add another “Flex” product to its portfolio

Samsung already has several other “Flex” branded display products in its portfolio. It unveiled the Flex Hybrid, Flex Slidable Solo, and Flex Slidable Duet ahead of CES 2023 last month. All of these are flexible display solutions with varying capabilities. The Flex Hybrid is a combination of foldable and slidable display technologies, while the latter two are slidable panels. These products were trademarked long before they materialized in real-world products.

Samsung also showed off a 360-degree folding device at CES 2023. Called the Flex In & Out, this device looks similar to its Fold series foldable smartphones. However, it can fold both inward and outward. It’s unclear if the company plans to commercially launch this product anytime soon. We will let you know as soon as we have more information about the Flex In & Out or the FlexMirror.


Samsung Display FlexMirror trademark application