Disabling 'Protect Battery' will add to the Galaxy S23 Ultra battery life

Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra Review AM AH 05

Samsung‘s Galaxy smartphones come with a feature called “Protect battery” that helps extend the lifespan of the battery by limiting the maximum charge to 85%. When enabled, your phone will never charge to 100%. It’s a great feature to preserve battery health in the long run. However, you might get a significantly longer battery life if you disable this feature on the Galaxy S23 Ultra.

It’s no rocket science that a 100% charged battery will run longer than an 85% charged battery of the same capacity. If you disable the “Protect battery” feature on your Galaxy S23 Ultra, the 5,000mAh battery inside it will charge fully and keep the device running for longer. However, there’s one more thing you need to note. Reputed tipster Ice Universe says that the phone’s battery drop from 100% to 90% is a lot slower than subsequent 10% drops, i.e. 90% to 80%, 80% to 70%, and so on.

“What you may not know: The power consumption time of Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra from 100% to 90% is longer than other 10% power consumption ranges,” Ice Universe tweeted a few days back. They also shared a graph showing the phone’s battery consumption. We don’t know how the phone was used throughout the shown discharge cycle. However, it’s worth noting that the charge dropped incredibly slowly initially as compared to later stages.

This essentially means you’ll get a much longer playtime if you charge the Galaxy S23 Ultra to 100% rather than capping the maximum charge at 85% by enabling “Protect battery”. Of course, by doing this, you’ll miss out on the benefit of the feature, i.e. preserving the battery health. It’s up to you what you long for more: longer playtime on a single charge or extended battery lifespan. Just note that you cannot have both. You must choose between the two.


How to enable “Protect battery” on the Galaxy S23 Ultra?

If you just learned about Samsung’s “Protect battery” feature and want to enable it on your Galaxy S23 Ultra, let us tell you how. It’s a fairly simple process. Open the Settings app and go to Battery and device care. Now, tap on Battery at the top, followed by More battery settings. You’ll find the “Protect battery” toggle at the bottom of the list. Enable it and you’re good to go. You should also find a Quick Setting toggle for the feature. It may not be available there by default, but you can add it while editing your Quick Settings layout.