Opera is integrating ChatGPT in its browser with Shorten

Opera and OpenAi Logo

As the new era of browser wars continues to rage on with search giants like Google and Microsoft making their own AI chatbots, Opera is also making a big bet on artificial intelligence with the latest announcement of a new feature called “Shorten,” which uses the power of ChatGPT to generate summaries of webpages and articles.

With the addition of Shorten, Opera users will now have access to a bulleted summary of the webpage they’re looking at by simply tapping an icon located to the right of the address bar. However, Jan Standel, VP of marketing and communications, did not specify when the feature will be available when talking to The Verge. He did mention that the company is working on other ways to enhance the Opera experience with artificial intelligence. But the exact details of these additions have not been disclosed yet.

“We are excited to see the rapid roll-out of developer programs for solutions such as Google Bard, for example, and are starting to build and roll out new experiences in web browsing that not very long ago seemed impossible to achieve,” said Per Wetterdal, Opera’s head of strategic partnerships and AI.

Increasing competition in the browser market

Ever since the launch of AI tools like ChatGPT and Microsoft’s announcement of its integration into its Bing browser, search engine giants like Google, for the first time in decades, are fearing their domination. This move by Opera to incorporate AI into its browser comes in the same week when Microsoft started accepting invitations to preview the redesigned Edge browser with an “AI-powered copilot” that will be able to summarize web pages.


In response to this competition, Google also unveiled its own AI chatbot named Bard, powered by LaMDA (Language Model for Dialogue Applications). However, Bard’s debut was less than ideal as it gave an inaccurate response in the company’s demonstration, resulting in a drop in Alphabet’s stock by over 8% and a loss of $100 billion in market value in a single day.