Spotify Plus button is here to replace the 'heart' button & more

The new Spotify Plus button

Taking to its newsroom, Spotify announced the launch of its new Plus button. This button will replace the previous like button while introducing new functionalities. From songs to albums, playlists, and even podcasts, the plus button will be helpful to users.

The new button will help streamers add any song, playlist, or album they like to their list of liked songs. This is similar to the heart button that is currently available but will be replaced by the new Spotify Plus button. With the heart button, streamers and users of the Spotify platform alike could only like a song.

Once liked, the song gets saved to the list of liked songs in the library section. With the new Spotify Plus button, users can do more than add a song to their list of liked songs. This upgrade will introduce Spotify users around the world to a new way of streaming.

Get more done while streaming with the new Spotify Plus button

This new update is merging more functions into the plus button, whilst using it to replace the like button. Now, when streaming and you come across a song you like, tap on the plus button to save the song. But, it doesn’t end in saving the song, as the plus button also comes with more functionality.


A second tap on the plus button (which will turn green after the first tap) will help users choose where they want a liked song to be saved. Users can now pick between any of their existing playlists to save the song or create a new playlist. Before this update, users had to use the like button to save songs to the “liked songs” file in the library section.

To add a song to a playlist, users were to tap on the three-dot icon at the top of the now-playing interface. Then select “add to playlist” among the list of options that pops up. This is a hectic processor, and Spotify has simplified it with the new plus button.

With this new button, users can save songs, playlists, and podcasts and stream them later. This button will sit on the right-hand side of the now-playing interface. Locating the new button won’t be difficult, as it takes the place of the heart button.

For saving an album or playlist, users can tap on the plus icon at the top of the album or playlist interface, just below the cover image. This upgrade will improve the way users interact with the Spotify streaming platform. It would be made available via an app update that will gradually roll out to mobile users globally.