LG announces price and availability details for its 2023 OLED TVs

OLED EVO 01 Large

LG‘s 2023 OLED 4K TVs now have a price tag and an official release date. Announced at CES 2023 in early January, the new TVs will be available in the US starting later this month. LG will open pre-orders for the flagship G3 and mid-range C3 models on March 6th. The entry-level B3 series will debut in April. The company will share the price and availability details for additional models at a later date.

LG will open pre-orders for its 2023 OLED TVs next week

The G3 “Gallery Edition” series tops LG’s 2023 refresh of its OLED TV lineup. The Korean firm is selling the flagship OLED 4K TV in four sizes in the US. The 55-inch base model costs $2,499. But if it’s too small for you, you can get this TV with a 65-inch panel at $3,299, a 77-inch panel at $4,499, and an 83-inch panel at $6,499. You can pre-order the TV from LG.com starting March 6th. The company expects to ship the product before the end of this month.

LG is offering its C3 series 4K TVs in six sizes. The smallest panel measures 42 inches diagonally and costs $1,399. The pricing for bigger sizes is as follows: $1,499 for the 48-inch model, $1,899 for the 55-inch model, $2,599 for the 65-inch model, $3,599 for the 77-inch model, and $5,299 for the 83-inch model. The pre-order and shipping dates are the same as the flagship G3 lineup. You will also find these TVs in LG-authorized retailers nationwide in late March. Both G3 and C3 series LG TVs are powered by the company’s a9 Gen 6 AI processor.


LG has more OLED TVs coming on the market later this year

If you’re looking for something more affordable, LG’s B3 series costs $3,299 for a 77-inch panel. That’s $300 less than a C3 model of the same size. Note that you’re getting an inferior processor here (the LG a7 Gen 6). It’s up to you whether that’s a compromise you deem fit for a $300 saving. You can also buy a B3 series OLED 4K TV with a 65-inch panel at $2,399 or a 55-inch panel at $1,699 — $200 less than their respective C3 counterparts.

The B3 series TVs will be available in the US in April, though we don’t have a precise date yet. It’s also unclear if LG plans to launch more sizes for its entry-level 4K offering in the coming months. But the company says that it will release the wireless OLED M3 and the transparent OLED T models later this year (via). We will let you know when the Korean firm shares more information.