Google Pixel 4a may not get Android 14, unfortunately

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As many of you know, Google released the very first Developer Preview for Android 14 yesterday. It’s known as Developer Preview 1 or DP1 for short. Having said that, the Pixel 4a is not one of the supported devices for this Developer Preview, which suggests that Android 14 won’t become available for the device.

The Pixel 4a won’t get Android 14, it seems

The Pixel 4a launched with Android 10, and it’s currently running Android 13. The phone was announced in August 2020, on August 3, to be exact. It was released later that month.

Now, considering the time when Google pushed out this Developer Preview, it seems like it’s following the same timetable as with Android 13. Beta releases are expected to kick off in April. Android 13 was launched on August 15, 2022, and Android 14 is expected to drop around that time, but this year.


If that ends up being the case, the Pixel 4a will be three years old. As long as Android 14 drops after August 3, of course. So, technically, Google is not obligated to release Android 14 for the device.

Based on the fact that the first Developer Preview is not available for the device, well, chances are the final build won’t be either. We may be wrong, though, of course, but this is usually a sign that a phone is not getting the final build. Google may yet change its mind, of course.

The Pixel 4a 5G is getting the update, for sure

If you’re wondering what’s with the Pixel 4a 5G, well, considering that it launched a couple of months after the Pixel 4a, in October 2020, it will get Android 14 for sure.


The very first Developer Preview for Android 14 doesn’t really bring a ton of changes. We’ve talked about the major ones in our article yesterday, in case you’re interested. New information is constantly popping up, though.