Google Pay redesign rolls out with fresh Material You tweaks

Google pay logo AH

Google Pay is getting a redesign, bringing a new look to the online payment app. This redesign is rolling out to users via an app update for Android devices. Along with this update comes a few tweaks to the Material You design on Google Pay to improve its interface.

Instead of rather subtle changes, the redesign brings very obvious changes to its user interface. These changes will affect how users interact with the app on a day-to-day basis. If you make use of Google Pay, then this redesign might require some work on your part.

There are changes in the positioning of buttons, icons, and tabs. Also, there is a new design layout that stands out from what users are familiar with. Here are all the new design changes to the Google Pay app.

Everything new with the Google Pay redesign

With the latest Google Pay app update, there comes some design tweaks. This update also brings Material You integration to the payment app. Major changes to the app modify the bottom bar and the overall layout.


For the new bottom bar, there is now a wave effect to indicate the menu that the user is currently on. Also, the current menu also gets the Material You theme to match the device’s wallpaper. This helps to improve the app’s user interface at a glance.

Other aspects of the redesign repositioning various buttons around the Google Pay app. The insight page also comes with redesigned tiles, all coming with Material You theming. Some buttons in the app are also slightly bigger than they were before this update.

Users of this payment app would be able to access this design improvement once they install the update. Sadly, the Google Pay app is only available to users in just three countries. In the future, more redesigns will be made to this app and will roll out to the public via the Google Play Store.

GPay Material You Makeover