Google Meet officially launches 360-degree backgrounds

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Not too long ago, we saw that Google was working on bringing 360-degree backgrounds to Meet. Back then, it was in testing for a select group of users. Now, however, the company has officially launched the feature.

You’ve been able to use a ton of different backgrounds and effects in Google Meet to add flair to your meetings. Sure, you can’t, realistically, have a meeting on a sunny beach, but it’s fun to pretend so.

Those backgrounds would remain static, but what if you want backgrounds that are a bit more immersive? Well, this is where these 360-degree backgrounds on Google Meet come in handy.

Google officially launches 360-degree backgrounds for Meet

So, this feature was in testing for a bit, but the company finally launched it to the public. If you’re using Google Meet on your phone, you’ll be able to use one of two 360-degree backgrounds. As you can imagine, the feature will use your phone’s gyroscope to rotate the backgrounds and make it seem like you’re actually in the locations.


At the moment, you only have the option of a beach and a temple. That might be a little disappointing, as the test videos showed someone using an oasis as a background. Maybe the company will add that one, and others, in future updates.

In other Google news: The Google Pixel Fold might be heavier than the Galaxy Z Fold 4

In a couple of months, we’re expecting to finally see Google’s first foldable phone. It’s being called the Pixel Fold, but earlier rumors pointed to it being called the “Passport”. We got leaks for this device, and they showed a pretty nice-looking phone.

This phone is tipped to be a bit larger than the Galaxy Z Fold 4, and that phone is pretty big itself. That phone weighs 263g. So, The Pixel Fold is tipped to weigh even more than that. We’ll need to wait on more leaks to be sure of the weight.

As for the size, it’s expected to be about 140mm tall and 80mm wide when it’s open. So, this phone looks like it will be pretty hefty.