A Google Chrome update will bring an important privacy feature

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With every Google Chrome update comes some improvements, and the coming one will focus on privacy. Various sources have it that the Chrome browser for Android will be getting a new privacy feature. This feature is known as “quick delete” and will make its way to the Android community via an app update.

The name of this feature might seem to be self-explanatory, but there are some things to take to mind. Details on this coming feature have been made available courtesy of the folks at Chromium Gerrit. For some, the information from this platform might seem difficult to understand. This article will help break things down and explain all this coming feature has in store for Chrome users.

Everything the coming Google Chrome quick delete feature offers for users

Just like its name implies, the coming quick delete feature will help users easily get rid of their history. According to the available information, this feature will delete the search history 15 minutes after it gets saved in the browser. This is another privacy feature for Google Chrome users across the world.

With this feature, users can now keep their search history safe from prying eyes. You might already be using Incognito mode to protect your Google Chrome searches. This coming feature offers a different way to protect your searches without going incognito.


The main benefit of this feature is that it gives you access to your search history for 15 minutes before deleting it. With this, users will be able to quickly pull up their history if there is a need. There is a good chance for this feature to make its first appearance on the Google Chrome browser from Android.

Currently, there is no set launch date for this coming privacy feature. But the quick delete feature will make its way to Google Chrome for Android in the coming weeks. More information on this feature will be made available after it rolls out to the global community.