Say goodbye to Instagram live shopping

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Social media/video-sharing apps are thought of as the next frontier in e-commerce, but Instagram is walking back some of its shopping ventures. The company has been stepping further away from its live shopping feature. Now, Instagram will stop letting people tag products in live streams.

Instagram has become a home for business owners to sell their products. However, the company seems to be backtracking on some of its shopping features. Not too long ago, a new UI change removed the shopping tab from the bottom bar. This moved it to a less accessible location in the app. This was the first hint that the app wanted to make some changes.

Instagram will get rid of live shopping

Live shopping is a pretty interesting feature on Instagram. It allows you to tag products during a live stream. So, if your favorite influencer has a certain shirt or gadget that they want to promote, they can tag it so that the users can buy it then and there. It’s not something that’s revolutionary, as this is something that TikTok has been trying to popularize in the States. Also, it’s something that Amazon also did.

However, this feature is on its way out, according to The Verge, Instagram will remove live shopping on March 16th. Since February is already halfway done, that gives the feature only one more month.


While live shopping is going away, Instagram isn’t getting rid of all shopping. Companies can still run their own stores on the platform, and the company isn’t going to be shutting that down. This change will only affect the live aspect of shopping.

At the moment, we’re wondering what Instagram is planning on doing with shopping as a whole. A bunch of big-name brands have their shops on the platform. We don’t Instagram will be getting rid of shopping altogether. We’ll just have to wait and see what the company has up its sleeves.