Need new emojis? Gboard might bring AI-generated emojis

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AI is such a huge buzzword in 2023- it’s like the Metaverse to 2021. So many companies are incorporating AI into their business models, and it looks like the future of the internet will be artificially intelligent. It looks like Google will incorporate AI into its flagship digital keyboard. Gboard might bring AI-generated emojis in the near future.

A ton of companies are jumping on the AI train nowadays, and this train is now slowing down. Snapchat recently announced that it’s going to implement ChatGPT to make its own AI chat. It will be called My AI, and you’ll chat with it just like another user. The conversation will be pinned at the top of your conversations.

This will be available to Snapchat+ users first. After a while of testing, the company will make it available to the rest of its users.

Gboard will use AI-generated emojis

At the moment, there are a ton of emojis that you can access to further express yourself. If you can’t find the right one, then you can use the Emoji Kitchen feature. This will create new emojis by combining existing ones. This already opens a plethora of possibilities for your emojis, but Google wants to take this to the nth degree.


According to an APK deep-dive performed by 9To5Google, Google wants to use its text-to-image generator to help you create never-before-seen emojis. The company’s engine is called “Imagen”, and it was unveiled back in May of 2022. This was at the onset of the AI imagery craze that’s continuing to sweep the tech world.

There are strings in the latest beta version of the app (version that point to an “Imagen keyboard”. According to the source, there will be an icon for it in the Short Strip. That’s the like of icons that sit right above the keyboard. It houses the clipboard, GIF, button, sticker button, etc.

At the moment, this feature is still at the very beginning of development. Thus, you’ll want to take this information with a grain of salt. Google hasn’t made any announcements about it, so the company could pull this potential feature at any moment.