Galaxy Watch 6 tipped to feature curved glass design

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Samsung‘s smartwatches may look different this year. While the company isn’t switching from the circular design to Apple-like rectangular watches, it is reportedly taking a cue from the latter. According to noted tipster Ice Universe, the Galaxy Watch 6 will feature a curved glass design.

The tipster didn’t share any other information about the next-gen Galaxy smartwatches. But their wording “curved glass” suggests the edges of the screen will be curved while the display itself will remain flat. Current models have a flat glass panel with no curve on the edges. So this is nonetheless a change in design, though things may remain the same functionally.

Samsung could move the virtual rotating bezel to the curved portion and make the display a little bigger, though. This would make the wrist wearable more usable.

Unfortunately, details are scarce, so this remains a speculation. We don’t even know if the entire lineup will have curved glass or if Samsung will offer the new smartwatches in two different designs. Google’s first-gen Pixel Watch and the Apple Watch lineup feature a curved design and they look pretty sleek.


Since smartwatches are also used as a style element, the Korean firm likely sees more value in this design than a flat screen. Curved glass is more susceptible to scratches, though. So a more elegant design doesn’t come without any trade-offs.

The Galaxy Watch 6 could feature MicroLED displays

The Korean media last month reported that Samsung Display has started making MicroLED displays for smartwatches. The company has formed a new team to work on this advanced display solution that is better than OLED in terms of brightness, contrast, and color reproduction. MicroLED displays also boast better visibility under sunlight and consume significantly less power.

Samsung is reportedly aiming to start mass producing MicroLED displays for smartwatches in time for the next-gen Apple Watch, which should arrive in September this year. Since the Galaxy Watch 6 series is expected to debut about a month earlier, there’s a possibility of it getting new display panels too. But all of that depends on the Korean firm’s ability to master the technology in time.

That said, recent reports suggest Samsung is planning to obtain Galaxy Watch 6 displays from the Chinese firm BOE. So nothing is set in stone yet. We will have to wait for more concrete evidence to emerge and support these rumors. As said earlier, the Korean firm will likely unveil the new smartwatches alongside the Galaxy Z Flip 5 and Galaxy Z Fold 5 foldable in August. So there’s still time for more leaks and rumors. We will keep you posted.