The Galaxy S23 comes with the Game Optimizing Service toggle

Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra AM AH 19

Samsung officially revealed the Galaxy S23 this week and it’s been discovered that the phone still comes with a Game Optimizing Service toggle. As spotted by Android Authority, you can find the toggle within the Game Booster Labs. Which is a menu where users can find experimental features. Though it is worth noting this is the only feature in there and there’s no indication Samsung plans to add more.

If you’re not familiar with the Game Optimizing Services toggle, it was on the Galaxy S22 before it came to the Galaxy S23. Albeit as a feature that you couldn’t initially turn off. And it was for the most part, disliked by users because it would throttle performance when playing games. The less than well-received feature resulted in Samsung applying the toggle through an update. Allowing users to disable it for better performance. The toggle has made a return with the Galaxy S23. However, that isn’t necessarily a cause for concern.

The Game Optimizing Services toggle on the Galaxy S23 may not do much

A description under the feature toggle reads – “use an experimental game performance management system that may improve some game performance. Tends to cause heating.” Basically, Samsung is saying that disabling the GOS may cause a boost to game performance. And, in theory it should. Since disabling the GOS should allow users access to the full potential of the Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 chipset.


Naturally, too, this could lead to warmer temperatures on the phone during extended play sessions of demanding games. Such as Genshin Impact. But if you play a lot of mobile games, then you likely already know that the phone heating up is to be excepted.

Android Authority points out that it’s not currently clear if the toggle actually has any impact on performance at all. But for better or worse, the toggle is there. So if you plan on getting a Galaxy S23, keep the toggle in mind in case you want to disable GOS.