Surprise! Apple may limit iPhone 15 USB Type-C port

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The iPhone 15 series is coming this year, and all models in the series will offer Type-C ports. Apple was basically forced to give up its Lightning port due to a new ruling in the EU. In any case, according to a new report, Apple may actually limit the Type-C port functionality on the iPhone 15 series.

Apple may limit iPhone 15 USB Type-C port

This may not surprise many of you, considering this is Apple we’re talking about. What does that mean exactly, though? Well, it will be restricted similar to its current Lightning port. It will come with an authenticator chip.

That authenticator chip will basically push people to buy Apple-certified peripherals, if this report is to be believed. Why? Well, you may not be able to charge with just about any accessory.

If this is true, then this move would basically make this Type-C port non-universal, and kind of defeat the point of the EU initiative. Apple will probably justify this by saying it did it to fight malicious third-party accessories. Which may be true, at least partially. Needless to say, it will considerably boost the sales of its own accessories.


Now, many of you know that newer iPads come with Type-C ports. They do not have an authenticator chip, or anything of the sort. They have a standard Type-C port, basically. So, that gives us hope the iPhones will as well.

That Type-C port could also be limited to USB 2.0 speeds

That’s not all, though. Another detail regarding the Type-C port on the iPhone 15 series surfaced. This report comes from Ming-Chi Kuo, a well-known analyst. He claims that the port on the iPhone 15 models will be limited to USB 2.0 speeds.

In other words, despite the fact Type-C port will be included, the speeds may be the same as on the current-gen models with a Lightning port. Needless to say, they’ll be considerably lower than on modern Android flagships, if the info ends up being true, of course.