YouTube Music mood filters are now available on the web

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After years of waiting, those using the web can finally enjoy the YouTube Music mood filters. This feature is now rolling out for all users on the web version of YouTube Music. With this, users will be able to easily find songs and playlists for streaming that match their moods.

YouTube initially announced this feature back in 2020, but it was only available on the mobile app. After its launch, only those using the YouTube Music app were able to access and use mood filters. Bringing this feature to the web will make it accessible to users that prefer to stream from their browsers on a laptop or desktop.

The moods bar that launched on YouTube Music’s mobile app has come to be loved and used by many. As it also rolls out to the web, YouTube hopes for the same usage result as with its mobile app. Here is everything there is to know regarding this new feature that is now available on the web.


Details on the YouTube Music mood filters on the web

With the arrival of this feature on YouTube Music web client, there also comes an upgrade to the user interface. Joining the previous design elements and controls are five new pill-shaped buttons. These buttons represent five different modes, all with various playlists that match the feelings of users.

The five modes here are: energize, workout, relax, commute, and focus. Each mode comes with different songs (that always update with new releases) matching the listener’s feelings at a particular point. For example, a user in the gym will pick the workout mood and get playlists to put them at the moment.

Users wanting to get chores done can benefit from the focus mood playlists. Shuffling two ends from work, the commute mood is the perfect pick to help make your trip more fun. Regardless of the mood users are in, there is a filter specifically for them.


The mood filters also improve YouTube Music for the web’s user interface. Now there are five pill-shaped buttons aligned to the left just under the app control bar. Tapping on each button will help users to switch between different moods.

Each mood filter comes with a gradient color that is displayed in the background. This adds to the overall aesthetics of the mood filter feature that is making its way to YouTube Music for the web.

YouTube Music mood filter