Twitter will allow you to default to chronological feed after all

AH Twitter Android tabs image 1

A couple of days ago, Twitter started pushing out a new change for its Android app, adding ‘For you’ and ‘Following’ tabs. At the time, you were not able to default to the ‘Following’ aka chronological view feed, but Twitter has decided to change that.

Twitter will allow users to default to chronological feed after all

Elon Musk has announced that you will be able to default to the ‘For you’ tab, if you want. He said that the next Twitter update will deliver that functionality. That actually goes for any Twitter list you made. The app will stop throwing you back to the Recommended aka ‘For you’ view.

That was one major complaint we had when the update arrived, so it’s nice to see Twitter is changing it. At the moment, whenever the app gets killed in the background, or you remove it from multitasking, it defaults you back to the ‘For you’ tab.


This new layout, with the ability to set anything as the default view, does make a lot of sense. You can simply swipe between your lists, or tap them at the top, so you can quickly navigate between them. It’s a much better choice than what we had before.

Prior to this, you had to tap the stars icon in the top-right corner to switch between recommended and chronological views. Many people didn’t even know it existed. For lists, you had to dig even deeper into the side menu.

You’ll even be able to move the tabs around… soon

On top of all that, you’ll even be able to move the tabs around, and customize their positions. That’s something a user suggested in the comments, and Musk confirmed that’s a “coming feature”.


If Elon Musk focuses on making such useful changes to Twitter, not many people will find things to complain about regarding its functionality, as long as it doesn’t stutter or anything of the sort, of course.

He already made a ton of changes, and more changes are coming.