The Play Store now promotes TikTok in landscape mode

TikTok logo image 11

Google is working on making Android a better platform for tablets, and that has trickled down to other developers. Just recently, TikTok released the landscape version of its app, and Google is promoting it on the Play Store, according to 9To5Google.

TikTok has been the king of vertical-scrolling videos for a while, but that made tablet use problematic. It’s impractical to use a large tablet in landscape mode just to watch your daily dose of TikTok content. This is why the company recently came out with the landscape version of the app. This allows people to comfortably watch their “Toks” using a tablet.

Google advertises landscape TikTok on the play store

Since TikTok is one of the most popular apps in the universe at this point, it makes sense that Google is pushing the landscape version on the Play Store. When you open up the Play Store, you’ll see a banner stretching across the top letting you know that you can use TikTok on your tablet.


We see the text “Flip your tablet for TikTok” on the top with some neat graphics. You can download the app today and start watching videos using your tablet.

TikTok in landscape mode, as you can imagine, makes much better use of the horizontal orientation. On the very left of the screen, you’ll see your Home, Friends, Inbox, and Profile buttons lined up vertically.

Next to that, you’ll see the video you’re watching. The video itself looks just like how it does on the phone. You’ll see the Following and For You tabs up top with the information about the music at the bottom. On the right of the video, you’ll still see the creator’s profile along with the video’s “likes”, comments, saves, and shares on the right of the video.


On the right-most edge of the screen, you’ll see the feed of comments on the video. This lets you watch your videos in a new way while still retaining the core experience.