Pixel users are experiencing a delay getting the latest update

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Most Google Pixel users were graced with the latest Android update earlier in the month, but a good number of them were left in the dust. According to several reports (via 9To5Google), the latest update has been delayed for Pixel users on T-Mobile and Google Fi.

One thing about Pixel users is that they’re able to get updates super early. They got their updates before everyone else until Samsung surpassed the company recently. So, if there’s any delay in this process, there’s definitely cause for concern.

In the case of these Pixel users, they’re waiting on the January security update. There are several posts on the T-Mobile subreddit from people who have been waiting on the update. There are also posts on the Google Fi subreddit of the same nature.


The cause of the Pixel update delay might have been revealed

T-Mobile Pixel owners have been scratching their heads over this issue, but the answer might have been briefly revealed. There was a comment by a T-Mobile employee talking about the issue. The comment basically said that there was an unspecified error causing the delay.

It said that there was a network compatibility issue that affected only the company. This also explains why this issue was affecting Google Fi. This service utilizes T-Mobile’s towers.  The comment has since been deleted.

Neither company has commented on this issue, but we know that both companies are working on solving it. At this point, there’s no telling when the fix will be pushed out. So far, it seems that it could be on the scale of weeks.


It seems to be worse for Pixel 5 users

The delayed January update is affecting Pixel 7 and Pixel 6 users, but there seems to be a major issue with people on older Pixel phones. There are reports of Pixel 5a users being stuck on security patches as old as November 2022. That’s about a year in “Tech Time”.

We’re not sure if these two issues are related. If so, then it should be solved when T-Mobile fixes it for the newer phones.