Intel's 13th Gen Mobile Processors will put 24-cores into your laptop

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Intel actually announced its 13th Gen processors back in September, but it only announced the Desktop models. Now the company is announcing the mobile processors that you’ll see in laptops. Which includes a 24-core Intel Core i9 model. That’s a whole lot of cores for a laptop, but it does bring them in line with what Apple is offering.

There are three Intel Core i9 processors, the i9-13900HX, i9-13950HX and i9-13980HX. They are mostly the same, aside from the clock speed. With a max turbo frequency going up to 5.6GHZ, and a base frequency going up to 2.2GHz.



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The 13th Gen mobile chips do include three different series of CPUs, the H-, P- and U- series. These are going to be seen in a variety of mainstream laptops and even some IoT devices.

Intel has included a Vision Processing Unit AI accelerators in its 13th Gen chipsets. This is mean to help AI take some of the load off of the processor, by taking care of some smaller tasks, like blurring the background on video calls and so on. That’s one less thing that the efficiency cores don’t need to worry about handling.


Intel also released a new line of low-end chips, axing the Celeron and Pentium names finally. Calling them the N-Series.

When will these chips be available?

Currently, there’s very little details about when these new chipsets will be released. But we should see laptop makers like Acer, Dell, HP, Razer and others launching new laptops with these 13th Gen chipsets in them pretty soon. Likely around the middle of the year.

This is pretty typical when a new processor or even generation of processors gets announced. There’s very little details given about when we’ll actually get devices with them inside. It should hopefully, be sooner rather than later though.