Google Chrome makes it much easier to disable extensions

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When it comes to extensions, Google Chrome is the best browser in the market you can install. The Chrome extensions add some new feature to the browser that makes browsing convenient or more productive. To make Chrome even better, Google is reportedly working on a straightforward way to disable extensions.

According to AndroidPolice, one of their users spotted a new menu in Google Chrome that allows users to disable all extensions with just one click. As you can see in the below screenshot, once you click on the extension’s icon, a menu with a toggle appears that allows for disabling extensions all at once. The underlying codes for this feature were already spotted in Chromium Gerrit.

If you’re using Microsoft Edge, you are probably familiar with such a feature as Microsoft added it to its browser in April 2022 under the “Pause extensions on this site.” button.


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You can disable all Google Chrome extensions with a toggle

The current process of disabling Chrome extensions is hassle-free enough and takes only a few clicks. However, the new feature might bring some perks, including saving time for disabling extensions and preventing them from tracking payments or stealing login information.

The feature is still in development and even doesn’t work correctly on Chrome Canary. We also have yet to determine when it comes to the stable version of Google Chrome. Likewise, it needs to be clarified whether Chrome automatically reloads a page after removing an extension or requires you to do it manually.


Google Chrome is currently the most popular web browser globally, and if we ignore its voracious CPU usage, it’s the best in the market in terms of usability and productivity. Chrome 109 is the latest version of Google’s browser that offers a smooth experience with secure payment confirmation, enhanced screen sharing in video calls, and more. Chrome for Android is also getting new features, such as support for opening multiple windows and a Material You makeover.