Alienware just announced an insanely fast gaming monitor at CES

Alienware 500Hz Gaming Monitor

Alienware just announced its latest gaming products at CES 2023 today, including an insanely fast gaming monitor. The new display is a fast IPS gaming monitor with a refresh rate of 500Hz, which quite honestly is a lot faster than most people are going to notice. But if you’re used to fast refresh rate monitors, and you want bleeding edge tech, this is it.

The new Alienware 500Hz Gaming monitor (AW2524H), comes with a 24.5-inch display with Full HD resolution. You aren’t going to be getting any 4K graphics here, but then again that would make for a super expensive monitor with a refresh rate this high. Not to mention 500Hz at 4K likely isn’t even possible. More to the point, if you’re going for a 500Hz monitor, you’re probably less concerned with resolution. And 24.5-inches, 1080p is more than enough.

But all that aside, it’s also worth noting that a monitor like this is generally aimed at Esports professionals. As well as those who tend to play at a high competitive level.


The Alienware 500Hz gaming monitor has a lower native refresh rate

While a 500Hz refresh rate is an enticing number to see attached to any gaming monitor, it’s not native on this one. You can only achieve those frames if you use the monitor’s overclocked mode. That being said, the native refresh rate isn’t all that much lower. Alienware says natively the monitor can go up to 480Hz. And if you turn on the overclocking it bumps the refresh rate up by another 20Hz.

The monitor also comes with a pretty cool feature that Alienware introduced on one of its new monitors from 2022. The retractable headset hanger that pops out from the side of the display. The monitor is using Alienware’s new hexagonal base too. Which takes up less space on the desk and offers more room for peripherals. This is especially important for people with smaller desk surfaces.

Other features include a 0.5ms GtG response time, AlienFX customizable RGB backlighting, and support for NVIDIA Reflex Analyzer as well as NVIDIA G-Sync. Alienware says the monitor will launch in Q1 of this year, and that it’ll announce pricing closer to the shipping date.