The States may get a Nothing phone after all

Nothing company

The Nothing Phone (1) has been an interesting phone so far. Not exactly “Phone of The Year”, but it’s definitely something new and refreshing. However, it was never made available to the states. That may soon change, as Carl Pei hinted that Nothing could bring a phone coming to the US.

The Nothing Phone (1) is the first phone from the company called Nothing. It’s owned by OnePlus co-founder Carl Pei, and itself is composed of the remnants of the defunct Essential company.

This phone launched during the summer of this year, and it was able to gather some decent reviews. Software-wise, there wasn’t anything that jumped off the page. However, it was all about the hardware and the Glyph Interface.


There could be a Nothing Phone coming to the Us

Based on a Carl Pei statement, we can’t say that the Nothing Phone (1) will be coming to the states. In an interview conducted by CNBC, Carl Pace said that Nothing is in early talks with some US carriers about possibly striking a deal. Since companies like Samsung and Apple have strong connections to US carriers, it can be tough for smaller companies to make any headway with them.

This is one reason why the Nothing Phone (1) never launched in the states. Another reason is because of the “additional technical support, to support all of the carriers and their unique customizations”.

As opposed to other markets, the US smartphone market is heavily tied to carriers and their contracts. Not as many people buy phones outright, so companies with carrier deals are, ostensibly, more successful than companies without deals.


We’re not sure what Nothing plans to launch

During the conversation, we got word that the company wants to launch a phone in the US, but he did not specifically say the Nothing Phone (1). He just said that they plan to launch a “future product” in the states. Even though he didn’t specify the word “phone”, that statement was juxtaposed to a statement about Nothing Phone (1).

So, it’s safe to assume that Nothing is looking to launch a phone to the States. We just don’t know what exactly. We’re not sure if it will be some special edition of the Nothing Phone (1) or a completely different device.

Also, we’re not sure, assuming the device launches, if it will have all the bells and whistles of the Phone (1). The main selling point of the Nothing Phone (1) is the radical design and the Glyph Interface. Other than that, it’s just kind of another Android mid-range smartphone, and there are a lot of those nowadays.


In any case, it’s nice to know that Carl Pei is looking at the US for a future device. The United States makes up a third of the sales for the Nothing Ear (stick), so there’s definitely a market for it.