Spotify is canceling some of its Spotify Live shows

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Spotify is nothing if not ambitious. The company made a strong push into podcasts, Clubhouse Style live audio chats, and audiobooks recently. However, the company may have bitten off more than he could chew. According to Bloomberg (via Engadet), Spotify is canceling several of its Spotify Live shows.

Back during the height of the pandemic, a company called Clubhouse developed an interesting live podcast format. Other companies such as Twitter followed suit with their own takes, so it wasn’t long before Spotify tried its own. It’s called Spotify Live (formerly Spotify green rooms), and it allows creators to have real-time conversations with their audience.

Just as with podcasts, Spotify draws up contracts with creators to create their own shows for the platform. The company contacted several big names to help populate the platform with several interesting shows.


Spotify is canceling several Spotify Live shows

It appears that Spotify Live just isn’t quite pulling in the numbers that this company expected. We all initially thought this when the company got rid of the Spotify Live Creator fund a couple of months ago. Now, the fact that it’s canceling Spotify Live shows confirms this.

For the time being, only a handful of shows are being pulled from the shelves. These shows are Deus Me After Dark, Doughboys: Snack Pack, The Movie Buff, and A Gay In The Life. While these shows are being pulled before their contracts are over, the creators are still getting paid for the full term. So, we don’t have to worry about any nasty lawsuits.

It shouldn’t come as much as a surprise that this is happening, as the impact of the pandemic has an immediate effect on audio platforms like these. Since people were staying in more often, they were more likely to listen to their favorite shows on Clubhouse. However, the platform that has seen a sharp decline in usage since lockdowns and the pandemic as a whole has lightened up.


The same thing is happening with Spotify Live; people are just going out more. Folks who listened to these podcasts while working from home can no longer do so now that they have to go back to the office. Also, people who choose to stay at home for risk of being sick or now going out and rediscovering the world.

This does not mean that Spotify Live is going anywhere, the company has reassured Bloomberg. Other shows like The Ringer MMA Show and The Fantasy Footballers are still going.