Samsung may cancel a premium Galaxy A model next year

Samsung Galaxy A53 cameras edit AH 2022

Samsung‘s Galaxy S series flagships and Galaxy Z series foldables may get a lot of attention, but a bulk of its smartphone revenue comes from the Galaxy A lineup. This series spans from sub-$200 entry-level models up to premium models costing north of $500. But the company may be planning to trim the Galaxy A lineup short next year. Samsung may not launch the Galaxy A74, the successor to the Galaxy A73 that arrived in March this year.

As we speak, we have less than ten days remaining in 2022. If history is any indication, the development of Samsung’s 2023 Galaxy A lineup should be in full swing, at least the devices arriving in the first half of next year. To that end, we have had numerous leaks and rumors about the Galaxy A14, Galaxy A24, Galaxy A34, and Galaxy A54, all of which should be official within the first few months of 2023. But there have been no talks about the Galaxy A74.

As pointed out by the Dutch publication GalaxyClub, there’s no sign of Samsung developing the Galaxy A74. No firmware development or internal testing reported yet, let alone major leaks like the one about the Galaxy A54 a few weeks back. Since the Galaxy A73 arrived alongside the Galaxy A33 and Galaxy A53 this year, Samsung is unlikely to launch the 2023 models months apart. All of this points toward the cancellation of the Galaxy A74.


Samsung canceling the Galaxy A74 isn’t be surprising

This isn’t entirely surprising, though. The Galaxy A7x lineup has never been a crowd-puller. The Galaxy A73 had a more limited release this year than the Galaxy A72 last year. Moreover, Samsung previously canceled the Galaxy A8x and Galaxy A9x lineups. It seems the positioning of these phones doesn’t suit the market demand. For the past few years, the Galaxy A5x models have been the Korean behemoth’s best-value smartphones. The Galaxy A54 appears destined to retain the crown next year.

But this move will leave a major gap in Samsung’s smartphone portfolio. The phone sitting above the Galaxy A54 will be the Galaxy S23 — a gap of at least a few hundred dollars in pricing terms. That’s because there’s no sign of a Galaxy S22 FE or Galaxy S23 FE either. Perhaps there’s no telling if the FE (Fan Edition) lineup will ever return. However, the company shouldn’t be deliberately leaving this gap and exposing itself to the competition.

This makes us wonder if it has some other plans. Maybe it plans to sell the Galaxy S22 at a discount, slotting it between the Galaxy A54 and Galaxy S23. It will be a compelling proposition since the Galaxy S22 lineup will still get three major Android OS updates and four years of security updates. We will now have to wait until the Galaxy S23 launch to find out. The next-gen Samsung flagships will reportedly break cover on February 1, 2023. That’s less than six weeks of a wait now. Stay tuned.