The OnePlus 10T get the stable Android 13 update

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Android 13 has been available for a few months now, and it’s finally making its way to non-Pixel devices. Samsung has been aggressively updating its devices to Android 13 running on top of One UI 5.0. OnePlus is also updating its phones to Android 13 on top of its own OxygenOS 13. The OnePlus 10T is the next phone from OnePlus to get Android 13.

2022 has been a pretty weird year for OnePlus, as the company didn’t launch a regular OnePlus 10 model at the beginning of the year. Instead, we got a OnePlus 10 Pro with the OnePlus 10T launching months later. The OnePlus 10T seems to have taken the spot of the regular OnePlus 10. Android Headlines had the opportunity to review this phone, and you can read the review by clicking on the link below.

OnePlus 10T Review


The OnePlus 10T finally picks up Android 13

This is a nice change of pace, as OnePlus has definitely slipped with its update schedule. Back in the day, OnePlus was one of the first company to update their phones to the latest version of Android, but it definitely lagged behind in recent years.

The update to Android 13 did take a little bit longer than expected to reach the OnePlus 10T. It was in beta testing for a little bit so that users could check it out and report any bugs. Now, the stable release is being rolled out.

So, what’s new?

We’re not seeing a massive overhaul with OxygenOS 13, but there are some notable visual changes. For starters,  there are a lot of optimizations to Oxygen S’s Aquamorphic Design. The Aquamorphic Design philosophy has been added to the animations to create a more fluid and unified look. One notable change is to the Clock app. The clock in the app sports a shadow effect to make it pop off of the screen.


As for functionality, the update adds a side tool box for you to open a floating window inside apps. There’s also a new type of Always-On-Display that shows live information about music, ride hailing, food delivery, Etc.

There are a ton of other changes with this new update, and you can look at the full changelog here.