The new Android 13 photo picker is coming to more apps

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We’ve all been waiting for Google to release its new system photo picker to more apps for a while, and looks like the day is coming. According to Android Police, several first-party and third-party apps will be compatible with this new Android 13 photo picker.

What is this new photo picture, and what makes it better than the old one? Well, it all comes down to permissions. If you want to post a picture to your favorite social media app or upload a video to a messaging app, that app needs permission to access all of your files. It doesn’t matter if they’re pictures, videos, audio files, PDF files, Word documents, Etc. The app needs full access to all of those files.

So, if you want to post a picture to a new social media app,  you have to give is access to every single one of your files. That just does not sit well with most people.


However, with this new photo picker, what the system will do is only give the app access to the specific files you want to upload. If you want to post one picture to a social media site, you don’t have to give the app permission to access all the pictures of you and your family.

The new Android 13 photo pictures coming to more apps

For a while now, only a few apps were compatible with this new photo picker, and that included the first-party Google Voice app. However, that has changed with a new update to Google Play services.

For the time being, the new photo picker is currently compatible with first-party applications like Google Chat, Google Keep, Messages, and Snapseed. As for third-party apps, it’s compatible with Sync For Reddit, Reddit Is Fun, Instagram, Element, Slack, and Twitter.


For the time being, it seems that the implementation might be a little tedious. For starters, when you want to upload a picture, the app’s built-in media picker will show up first. From that point, you will have to choose the Gallery option and then select More. From there, you’ll be able to choose which files you want to give the app permission to.