LinkedIn's Focused Inbox will make your DMs less annoying

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LinkedIn can be a great platform for connecting with business contacts across your industry. It has a DMs system that lets you directly contact and interact with people. According to Engadget, LinkedIn has a new Focused Inbox that will help make the messaging experience on LinkedIn better.

The next message you get on LinkedIn may very well be a job opportunity or a potential new business partnership. Because of this, people really take them seriously. The thing is, just like any other social media app, DM’s on LinkedIn can also include spam or irrelevant messages.

Some users log on only to see a ton of spam messages. This only gets worse the more contacts a person has. These phony spam messages can bury legitimate messages, and that’s a major problem.


The LinkedIn Focused Inbox aims to help this problem

LinkedIn is revamping its DM system, and it’s including some important changes. For starters, since LinkedIn is a hotbed for new job opportunities, the company is working on prioritizing job offers and important job conversations. It will separate your DMs into two separate inboxes. One will be called “Focused” and the other one will be called “Other.”

The company will use machine learning to decide which messages are the most relevant. This may include messages like job offers. Messages deemed the most relevant will be pushed to the top of the Focused Inbox.

As you can guess, the rest of the messages will be pushed to the “Other” inbox. This helps you better find messages that are more important.


Having a Focused Inbox will help people avoid the wasteful and tasteless spam messages. We’re not quite sure how the company plans on identifying spam messages. The company might block messages with a heavy amount of links or certain keywords. That’s not for certain, as it’s only speculation.

If you don’t like the idea of the Focused Inbox, then LinkedIn will allow you to switch back to the old inbox Style. The company is rolling out this change today, so you should be able to see it soon.