Google dramatically slashes the trade-in value for Pixel phones

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A lot of people, when upgrading to another phone, don’t actually pay full price. There are all types of subsidies, contracts, and special trade-in offers to help customers get a new phone for cheap. Google had a massive trade-in deal for folks who wanted to get a new Pixel 7. However, according to 9To5Google, the company dramatically cut the trade-in value for phones, and this includes its own Pixel phones.

When the Pixel 7 phones launched, there were some pretty sweet trade-in deals that you could capitalize on. This made upgrading to the already competitively-priced phones no sweat. The highest trade-in value during this time with a whopping $775! This means that you could have upgraded to a Pixel 7 Pro for only $125.

But, Google dramatically cut the trade-in value for phones

All good things must come to an end, and Google severely chopped the trade-in value for phones, and this even includes its own Pixel phones. You were able to get at least $100 for a first-generation or Pixel first-generation Pixel XL, but those were cut down to $25.01. This goes for both of the Pixel 2 Series phones as well. The numbers gradually rise as you move to newer pixels.


The first phone to break $100 is the Pixel 5a and the Pixel 5 is only $105, but the real kicker is what you get for the Pixel 6 phones. The Base Pixel 6 will only get you $150 and a Pixel 6 will only get you $190. That’s a far cry from the $440 you used to get for a Pixel 6 and the $480 you used to get with the Pixel 6 Pro.

What about non-Pixel phones?

When it comes to non-Pixel phones, there were a lot of great deals before. A Galaxy S10 would get you $296, but now that’s down to $85. Trading in an iPhone 13 would have granted you enough money to basically pay for a Pixel 7 at $600, but now it’s down to $550. That’s actually not the worst price cut. However, an iPhone 12 dropped from $510 to just $266.

What’s perhaps the biggest price cut has to be with a Galaxy s22 Ultra. This is the beast that would get you $775 back then. Now, you can only get $285 for it. That’s a 62% drop in value. So, if you’re planning on trading these phones in for a Pixel 7, remember that you’re not going to get much money for them. However, Google is holding a discount for the Pixel 7, so you should definitely act on it as soon as you can.