Here's all the PlayStation demos released for The Game Awards

Game Awards PlayStation Demos

Last night during The Game Awards a handful of new demos were launched for PlayStation owners. This includes the highly anticipated upcoming title Forspoken, and a few others worth checking out. Because, hey demos are free and why not see if you like the game before buying it?

There are five different demos in total that can be downloaded including Forspoken. All five demos are exclusive to PS5 though. So unfortunately these aren’t games that PS4 owners will be able to check out unless they have a PS5 too. That being said, there doesn’t seem to be a time limit on when these demos disappear. Which means you can always check out the demos later on when and if you get a PS5.

PS5 owners can check out five new demos in a special Game Awards section

First, either power on your console and go the store or head to the PlayStation Store website. Alternatively, you could also launch the mobile app and go to the store from there as well. Whatever method you choose, make sure you’re logged in with your account. Then you should immediately see a featured section titled ‘Game Awards Demo Festival.’


Alongside Forspoken, you can check out demos for Thirsty Suitors, Season: A Letter To The Future, Bramble: The Mountain King, and You Suck At Parking. Forspoken is easily the heavy hitter here coming from Square Enix, and is an action-rpg featuring a huge landscape and some really cool magic parkour mechanics and flashy combat.

But don’t discount the other titles. Seasons: A Letter To The Future looks really good too. And is certainly going to be a great demo if you’re looking for something more casual and relaxing. And if you’re looking for a demo you can check out with friends, then go for You Suck At Parking which supports up to 4 players locally. Or up to 8 online if everyone has PS Plus.

All the demos are available now for users in the US. Though they should be available in other regions as well.