FireFox108 lets you save web pages as PDF files

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Firefox has remained one of the most popular web browsers on the market despite the dominance of Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge. The browser is still adding new features and delivering constant updates. With its latest update, Firefox version 108 now lets you save web pages as PDFs according to Android Police.

Firefox is one of the few relevant browsers not based on Chromium. Chromium is what browsers like Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge are based on. Also, Firefox holds the distinction of not coming preloaded on any operating system. This means that it’s been able to reach prominence without any additional help.

Firefox 108 you can save your web pages as PDF

Sometimes, we know that we’re going to lose access to an internet connection or we just need to catalog a webpage for future viewing. This is why we save web pages. This gives people a way to view web pages later on without having to reload them. You’re able to save web pages using Firefox, but Mozilla decided to add another format you can save your webpages in. Thanks to Firefox version 108, you can now save the web pages as PDFs. This is a great addition, as the PDF format is a pretty standard across the board. This means that you can easily share web pages with other people if you want them to set them out.


How to save the web pages

Saving the web pages on Firefox as PDFs is really easy. Load up the page that you want to save. Once you do that, tap on the three-dot menu on the toolbar and select the share option. You’ll then see a drawer of options rise up from the bottom of the screen. At the very bottom, you will see the save as PDF button. Once you select that option, the page will instantly be saved as a PDF file and saved in your downloads folder.