Are dApps the future of software?

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Ethereum or Bitcoins are run by a specialized technology called the Blockchain. This technology far stretches itself from merely the digital currency to that of healthcare and others. One of the things the Blockchain enables is Decentralized applications (dApps). The adorers say that the dApps are the future of the software. The article discusses the future of dApps.

What Is A Decentralized Application?

Decentralized Applications are computer applications. They run on a distributed operating system. These apps take the help of Blockchain technology. They are hosted on a peer-to-peer network.


The nucleus of the Dapps is Blockchain Technology. Now, what is Blockchain technology? This is a database maintenance technology that provides security to the data. Here information is recorded in the distributed ledger across a wide network of computers. The information forms a block. After forming a block, they integrate with another block and form a chain.

The Working Of The Dapp

Here, the Application developers can build the Apps on the Ethereum Blockchain. You all know that software is built using codes. The benefit that the developer gets is that it can write the codes in any language. Then, you send these codes to someone you do in a decentralized network.

The Codes are open sources, meaning the community engaged in building the software can view it and add to it. There is complete transparency in the app development because no third party gets involved in building the applications.


Another aspect of the dApps is that they only work on the Smart Contract Network. In a Smart contract, the agreements are written in codes in a Smart contract, and they are immutable. Thus there remains no room for human errors.

Advantages Of The Dapps

The experts and the enthusiasts both pine high hopes for Cryptocurrency. They have their advantages. This is the reason they become highly promising. Let’s look at the advantages of the Dapps.

1. Decentralized


The first and foremost benefit of DApps is that they are decentralized. It means there is no single entity controlling the system. It creates space for multiple players to interact within one project. It also means that information or codes are shared from one entity to another in a peer-to-peer network. Thus, it leaves no room for any hacker to drill into the network.

2. Removing Transaction fees

Here information shared between two entities does not require any third-party system. Now the absence of a third-party system eliminates the opportunity for hackers to drill into the system. This helps the removal of transaction fees and opens up new avenues in the reign of application development.


3. Acceptance Of Cryptocurrency Payments

With the help of the Dapps, you can accept Cryptocurrency. For example, suppose you have a business where you are only the fund provider. Someone else manages your business for you. In this case, you can receive payments when you are working on the software. This is a great benefit that you are going to get in the days to come.

Are They Indeed The Future?

There is no doubt over the fact that the Dapps are the future. This is because the tech world will be more challenging in the days to come. Moreover, safeguarding data is another aspect that the stakeholder needs to counter.


Dapps can be a potential solution to the issues. This is partly because many critical technologies would run anchoring on the Blockchain network. However, decentralized norms require a paradigm shift, which is a challenge.

You can compare this discussion to that of the electric car making in the early 90s. That time it was on paper. But the transformation is difficult. There are challenges to the DApps that they need to counter.

Closing The Discussion

Decentralized Apps have great potential, and they are touted to be the technology of tomorrow. But the infrastructure to support the technology will take time.
Moreover, there are huge challenges with the development of this technology. So one still needs time to determine whether the technology is meant for tomorrow.