Surprise! iPhone SE 4 seemingly gets canceled

iPhone SE 4 alleged design image 1

Apple was planning to launch the all-new iPhone SE in 2024. That would be the fourth-gen iPhone SE, but it seems like that won’t happen. The iPhone SE 4 seemingly got canceled.

The iPhone SE 4 seemingly gets canceled following poor sales of current-gen model

This information actually comes from a very reputable source. It comes from Ming-Chi Kuo, a well-known analyst which is rarely wrong when it comes to Apple info. Apple has apparently canceled production of the fourth-gen iPhone SE.

Granted, he did say that Apple will either cancel or postpone its iPhone SE 4 plans. So it’s possible it’s not entirely dead in the water, but it seems that way. Kuo also adds that this is probably due to “consistently lower-than-expected shipments of mid-to-low-end iPhones”.

Apple’s more affordable iPhones are not selling as well as the company expected

So, what iPhones are those? Well, the iPhone SE 3, iPhone 13 Mini, and iPhone 14 Plus, to name a few. Those have not been selling well, so this decision on Apple’s part is not all that surprising… if true.


Apple actually canceled its ‘Mini’ series of phones, following the disappointing iPhone 13 Mini sales. Many people love the ‘Mini’ phones from the company, but apparently not nearly enough for Apple to keep them around.

The iPhone SE series may see the same fate, though. The iPhone SE 3 is not selling well for the company, and that is understandable. It has a really outdated design, horrible battery life, and so on. Apple didn’t really get out of its way to deliver a majorly-appealing product, and users seemingly reacted to that.

The iPhone 14 Plus, on the other hand, really doesn’t do enough to differentiate from the iPhone 13, and when the ‘Mini’ series is concerned, the vast majority of people prefer larger phones. So, it’s unrealistic to expect different results than the ones Apple got.

The iPhone SE 4 was supposed to be a repackaged iPhone XR

As a reminder, the iPhone SE 4 was rumored to be a repackaged iPhone XR, basically. It was supposed to be the first iPhone SE to ditch the home button.


Do note that this is not a confirmation or anything of the sort. Kuo is usually right, but it’s not a guarantee. We’ll see what will happen moving forward.