The Android 13 Quick Settings get a revamp with the latest QPR

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Android 13 just got its first QPR, and people are digging into it to see what’s different. According to 9To5Google, the clock and Quick Settings have gotten a bit of a revamp with the latest update.

The next QPR is not expected to reach Pixel devices until March 6th, 2023. This gives us a lot of time to wait. In the meantime, we got a preview of some of the changes we’re expecting to see when that day finally comes. For starters, Google may bring a desktop mode to Android inspired by Samsung’s Dex. Also, it may bring a grayscale Material You theme.

You might be able to hide the taskbar if you’re using a tablet or foldable with the next QPR. To summon it, all you’ll have to do is swipe up from the bottom. That’s just a few of the changes we expect to come along with this next update. If you’re curious about what other changes we might get, click here.


The Quick Settings and clock might get a revamp with the latest QPR

This update to the clock and Quick Settings doesn’t exactly flip the script, but it does bring a nice change to the visuals. Previously, when you would fully expand the Quick Settings, you wouldn’t really see a change in the clock or status bar. The time would just simply move down leaving the date up top.

However, after this update, we see the time actually grow a bit once you summon all of the Quick Settings. Also, the date will sit right below the time. As for the status bar, your carrier name will sit above the status bar and scroll horizontally. As for the status bar itself, it remains unchanged.

New clock quick settings


One notable change has to do with the battery percentage. Now, when you summon the Quick Settings, they will no longer show you the battery percentage. Rather, it’ll show you how much time the battery has left in days and hours. That can be a bit frustrating for people who just want to know their percentage and not when the phone thinks it’s going to run out of power. Metrics like these change over time as you use your phone more.

Even if you enable the battery percentage option in the status bar, it will still only show you when the phone thinks it’s going to run out of battery power rather than show you the actual percentage. Regardless, this is still a nice change to the Quick Settings and clock for Android 13.