YouTube Music Year in Review launches Today

youtube music year in review

It’s that time of the year. It’s time for the streaming music services to release your year in review. Now we already know that Spotify’s Wrapped should be launching very soon, any day now. Since the hashflag is already available on Twitter. But today, it’s YouTube Music that is announcing its Year in Review.

YouTube Music’s Year in Review will be launching today. As of the time of writing this post, it is not yet available. So it should be happening any minute now. This will be YouTube Music’s second year doing this feature, after Spotify has been doing it for several years.

There’s a few new additions this year for YouTube Music’s Year in Review. First up, you will see highlights of artists that you might have discovered before they blew up. There’s also a new “music personality” feature that attempts to analyze your listening habits to deliver a verdict on your “music vibe”. Also new this year is that the recaps will be available in the main YouTube app on Android and iOS. Just search for “2022 Recap”.


What is YouTube Music Year in Review?

Basically, the Year in Review is a nice little recap of the music you listened to over the past year. Technically, it’s a little less than a year, since it only counts what you’ve listened to from January through November. It’ll show you stats like how often you listened to your most popular playlist, or your most popular artist and genre as well. It even shows you how much you listened to your Supermix. Which is YouTube Music’s own mixtape that shows your favorite music as well as some titles you may not know about.

It’s a pretty popular feature, which is why YouTube Music decided to launch their own Year in Review feature last year. Spotify usually takes over social media with its Wrapped feature, with users showing off their stats for the year. So now YouTube Music and Apple Music have jumped in here.