YouTube will bring an affiliate program to Shorts

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YouTube is slowly making it easier for Shorts creators to make money on the platform. The company recently announced that it was going to share ad revenue with its users, and now we have word on more planned revenue streams for creators. According to Engadget, YouTube will bring an affiliate program to Shorts.

YouTube Shorts are the company’s answer to TikTok. It, along with Instagram, has been in heated competition against the short-form video platform. TikTok is able to rake in billions of dollars, and it’s able to distribute that amongst its users. YouTube is finally doing this, as the company announced that it is expanding its monetization opportunities.

YouTube Shorts will have an affiliate program

Several brands are making it big on YouTube Shorts, and companies are taking notice. Because of this, YouTube is introducing an affiliate program for Shorts.


This means that companies can contact creators and advertise their products through them. When this happens, viewers will be able to buy these products through the creator via links. When that happens, the creator will earn a small commission from the purchase. The commission is usually pretty small per item, but if millions of people are watching a video, and a good chunk of them buy the product, that can lead to a lot of money for the creator.

We don’t know exactly when YouTube will unveil this program, but we know that it’s going to come around next year. Since ad revenue for YouTube was not as high as expected this year, the company is looking for more ways to help users monetize their content.

There is also another program

Also launching in 2023, is a program that will let influencers remote products. This is only going to be for select US creators. The program will allow companies to pay creators to promote their brands through their content. This is similar to what Instagram does.


For both of these plans, YouTube will share 45% of the revenue gained with its creators, and that’s par for the course. We will keep you up to date on these programs as they get closer to launch. For the time being, we can expect YouTube to shortly begin testing them out.