WhatsApp starts rolling out 'Message Yourself' feature

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On Monday, the Meta-owned instant messaging app WhatsApp confirmed to TechCrunch that they have started the rollout of a new feature called “Message Yourself”. This feature was first spotted by WaBetaInfo a few weeks ago and has been in public beta testing for some time.

Until now, the only way to message yourself was by creating a group with no other members. But the new “Message Yourself ” would allow users to send messages to themselves like notes, reminders and shopping lists. Thus providing a way to keep relevant pieces of information easily accessible, right next to other WhatsApp conversations. As a result, making it an essential feature for users to take a lot of notes. As they can take notes and ideas right within the app without having to go to a third-party note-taking app.

Rival platform Signal already had the feature of “Note to Self”, which allows users to message themselves. The same goes for various other messaging platforms. Therefore, it was a matter of time before WhatsApp adopted this feature as well. But unlike WhatsApp’s new feature, Signal does not suggest the user’s profile at the top of the recipient list. Therefore, users need to search and select the contact “Note to Self” to use the feature. Telegram also hosts a similar feature called Saved Messages, which allows users to bookmark any important messages and save their notes and reminders that can be accessed later.


How to use the Message Yourself feature?

Once a user gets the update, they will see their contact at the top of the contacts list on WhatsApp whenever they create a new chat. Clicking on the contact will take the users to the chat screen, where they can send themselves notes, reminders, shopping lists and anything else they want to remember.

Users can also pin their chats to the top of a conversation list for easier access. Thus, making sure that the message doesn’t go unnoticed.