Twitter is getting a themed icon, rebranded Super Follower

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Twitter is riding on some rough seas right now as the hurricane known as Elon Musk is blowing through. However, amid a massive job cut, it appears that there are still people working on the Twitter Android app. According to 9To5Google, Twitter is finally getting its themed icon for Android 13.

Material You’s themed icons have been a popular staple in Android for over a year. What turns a lot of people away from it is the fact that not all apps supported it. This made for a really inconsistent look for the software. Half of the apps would match the theme of the background, and other apps would have their own appearance.

However, apps such as Bundled Notes, Reddit, Spotify, and others have been jumping on the boat and adding their themed icons to Android.


Now, Twitter is the next app to bring a themed icon

This was spotted in the alpha build of Twitter. This means that it’s not available to the public, and it could change at any moment. 9To5Google’s Dylan Roussell was able to dig into the app and discover some interesting information.

Firstly, he was able to enable the themed icon for Twitter. This means that the icon itself will have a minimalist aesthetic to it with just the icon and the circular background. The background color of the icon will match the color of the wallpaper. This will create a unified aesthetic. This change won’t be too dramatic, as Twitter’s icon is intrinsically minimalistic.

When the phone is in light mode, the bird icon will be dark gray and the background will match the theme’s color. When the phone is in dark mode, it will be reversed. The background will be dark gray and the bird icon will be the theme’s color.


The Super Follow will be getting a Rebrand

Another bit of information gathered through the alpha is a new name for the Super Follow feature. A Super Follow is when you pay a creator a monthly fee for exclusive Twitter content. You will get exclusive tweets among other features. It’s a revenue stream for Twitter creators.

In the code, Roussell was able to find that Super Follow will be called Subscribe. This means that Super Followers will be called Subscribers. This is reminiscent of Twitch, as its paid followers follow the same naming convention.

At this point, it’s tough to tell when or if this change will be final. Also, we don’t know if Elon Musk will bring any changes to Super follower (or Subscriber) perks. We will have to wait for more updates on this story.