Twitter confirms 2FA system is alive and kicking despite issues

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Despite rumors and speculations about Twitter 2FA possibly shut down, the company has confirmed that its 2FA system is working properly. Still, they’re also “looking into the few cases where SMS codes aren’t being delivered.”

Shortly after Musk’s takeover, Twitter has gone through a series of controversies that might put the company in a critical position and impose billions of dollars in fines on it. In the recent case, some tweets started to circulate on Monday, saying Twitter’s 2FA system is broken and codes can’t be sent. Additionally, users who logged out of their accounts can’t log in anymore. This news came on the heels of a tweet by Elon Musk that said Twitter’s unnecessary infrastructures must be eliminated.

However, the social media platform says its two-factor authentication system is “still live,” and it’s a “good way to protect your account.” But the company has admitted there are a few cases in that SMS codes aren’t delivered. They are looking to fix those as soon as possible.


Twitter denies its 2FA shutdown rumors

The problem hasn’t affected many users and a fix is on the way. But the recent news that we’re hearing about Twitter makes us worried about the platform’s future. A platform that is home to 396.5 million users, and it has a critical role in shaping public opinion. Senator Ed Markey of Massachusetts has recently warned Musk that he should fix his companies or Congress will.

Elon Musk’s era on Twitter started by firing thousands of employees and contractors. Then, the billionaire said remote working is not allowed, and all remaining workforce should work in the company’s headquarters.

There has also been some news about forcing employees to work overtime to meet deadlines. All these things cause employee dissatisfaction; some even accused Elon Musk of not understanding the required technical changes. Let’s not forget about firing engineers responsible for dealing with misinformation. As layoffs in Twitter continue, we should expect more bugs in the platform.