This TikTok trend is getting thousands of people hacked

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TikTok is known for both good and bad things (mostly bad), and one of them is the cornucopia of challenges. These frivolous challenges coax people into making videos on certain themes. A new TikTok challenge called The Invisible Body Challenge is getting many people hacked.

In case you’re not brushed up on your TikTok trend lore, let’s give you a rundown. The new Invisible Body Challenge has a filter that removes people’s bodies from the footage. Basically, the background and the people’s bodies are keyed out so that you will only see floating clothes.

The people will then proceed to take off their clothes. Since their bodies are visible, nothing is revealed. Classy, huh?


How is the Invisible Body Challenge getting people hacked?

Well, as you can expect, there are tons of people drooling over certain Invisible Body Users. This was auspicious for hackers, as they knew a lot of people would jump at the opportunity of removing the filter. So, they offered a tool to do so.

One of the hackers promised users a tool to get rid of the filter and show the unedited video in all of its naked glory. They posted this tool as a GitHub project, and they advertise this through a Discord server. All the user had to do was join the Discord server, download the GitHub file, and enjoy the videos.

However, as you can expect, that led to some hardships for the unsuspecting users. What the users were downloading was malware. The malware will swipe private data from them like their Discord username, password, credit card information saved in their browsers, cryptocurrency wallets, and more.


That’s a pretty hefty haul, considering the fact that more than 30,000 people have joined Discord. Of those people, we can expect a ton of them to have had their information stolen.

The GitHub project is no longer up, but plenty of copycats have posted their own projects and are probably scraping more users’ data. If you’re on TikTok, and you are drooling over the invisible bodies, don’t download any tools to remove the filters.

There is no tool in the world that can remove filters applied to videos that have already been rendered. The filters are not being applied in real-time when you watch the videos. What you’re watching is a fully rendered and processed MP4 file. There’s no way to take away the filter and view the original footage. If you want to see videos of naked bodies, there are certain websites for that.