T-Mobile will start charging a $35 activation fee on almost all transactions

01 T Mobile Logo SIM DG AH 2020

T-Mobile is one of the few major carriers in the US letting users register online without an “Assisted Support Charge” fee. But, it seems like T-Mobile will soon join rivals AT&T and Verizon by introducing a $35 activation fee for all new postpaid activations and upgrades.

According to internal documents revealed by TMO.Report, T-Mobile will launch a new support policy that will require users to pay a unified “Device Connection Charge”. It will be a one-time $35 (plus applicable taxes) charge, which users would have to pay when activating a new device with T-Mobile or adding an existing device to the network.

T-Mobile subsequently confirmed the reports saying the charge would apply to all new mobile broadband devices. Whether the payment took place online or offline. Previously, this charge was only for offline stores. This fee would also apply if you bring your device and have it activated on the carrier or sign up for home internet service.


“We’re simplifying Assisted Support and Upgrade Support one-time charges, which were previously applied differently across channels and devices. To deliver a more consistent and straightforward experience for customers,” a T-Mobile representative said in a statement to Tom’s Guide.

T-Mobile is one of the best phone carriers because it doesn’t charge random fees to its users and avoids unethical practices. For what it’s worth, the T-Mobile activation fee is the same amount competitors like AT&T and Verizon charge customers when they activate a new line of service or upgrade their device.

According to the leaked report, this change will come into effect from November 15th, just before Black Friday. This would make T-Mobile just like any other carrier, charging to activate lines. This change would surprise existing users who would choose to activate a new line of service with the “Un-carrier.”


Exceptions to T-Mobile’s activation fee

This new Device Connection Charge will apply to everyone, but there are a few exceptions where the customers can save $35. These charges will not apply to national retail orders like Apple, Costco and Best Buy. T-Mobile business customers activating or upgrading through Direct & Indirect Sales or Care. Users who are migrating from Sprint, changing a SIM or an eSIM on an existing line, and new lines that were charged for DCC in the last 14 days.

There are some manual exceptions to the activation fee as well. For instance, if the customer is placing an order for a replacement device and has already paid the DCC on the first order. Secondly, when the customer is ordering a replacement device in DASH because of T-Mobile’s error.