T-Mobile brings its 5G Home Internet service to 70 new locations

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T-Mobile has announced another coverage expansion of its 5G Home Internet service. The company is bringing its broadband internet to six million more households in 70 new locations across Illinois, Michigan, and Wisconsin. The service is already available to over 40 million houses nationwide.

According to T-Mobile, millions of households in these states don’t have access to high-speed internet. In Michigan, 1.2 million residents lack a fixed broadband connection. That’s one out of every four residents in the state. The figure is even bigger for Wisconsin where over 1.3 million households can’t afford or have access to broadband internet service. And those who have access, lack of choices have forced them to live with poor services. T-Mobile says it is “stepping up” to bring more choice and competition in the broadband internet market in these regions.

T-Mobile’s 5G Home Internet costs $50 per month. For that price, you get unlimited high-speed internet for your household. The company promises a price lock for the service. As long as you remain a customer, the price will not go up. You will pay the $50 a month flat rate with no taxes, activation fee, or equipment cost. You can even try the service for 15 days before starting to pay. And getting sorted is as easy as it gets. It’s a 100 percent wireless setup that you can get up and running within 15 minutes. For those looking to switch from another provider, T-Mobile will cover early contract termination costs of up to $500.


T-Mobile expands its 5G Home Internet service to more American households

T-Mobile launched 5G Home Internet in April last year. It has been one of the fastest-growing broadband services in the US since then, often leading the quarterly charts. The service raked up a million subscribers within a year of launch, with the company reporting 1.5 million active customers during its Q2 2022 earnings call. And much of this growth can be attributed to T-Mobile’s rapid coverage expansion. Every few months, the company announces that its 5G Home Internet has expanded to millions more households.

The latest expansion sees T-Mobile’s 5G Home Internet go live for six million American households. The company’s official press release announcing this news mentions coverage in 25 new cities and towns in Illinois, 28 in Michigan, and 17 in Wisconsin. You can find the full list here. As usual, the availability of the service for houses in these locations will be based on network capacity. But T-Mobile assured its capacity is increasing all the time. The company has a dedicated website where you can check if its 5G Home Internet is available for your home.