Stadia refunds are now on their way out to users

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The Stadia refunds are starting to make their way to users, engadget reports, as Google confirms that it has begun issuing refunds for those who made purchases. In the wake of Google’s Stadia shutdown announcement, the company said it would basically give all the money back that people spent with the service. Save for the money spent on Stadia Pro subscriptions.\

What people will get the money back for is mostly anything else. If you bought a game or add-on, or paid for a subscription through Stadia that wasn’t the Pro membership, then you should get money back on that. This may also include services such as Ubisoft+ if you set up the subscription through the Stadia Store. According to Google’s FAQ page (which was just updated), the company says it will attempt to process refunds for games, add-ons, and subscription fees other than Stadia Pro that were made through the Stadia Store.

That last bit is the important part. Since Ubisoft+ launched as a beta on Stadia back in December of 2020. Google is also giving refunds back on Stadia hardware purchased from the Google Store. So expect a little money there too.

Stadia Refunds FAQ


The first wave of Stadia refunds began going out November 9

Some users are no doubt already going to be seeing refunds in their bank accounts. As Google began the first wave on November 9. That being said, there’s no telling when your own refund is coming through. If you’re getting one. Google still expects to process most or all of them by January 18 of 2023.

Anyone who is expecting a refund will want to keep an eye on their accounts from today, if they haven’t already. But it might also be best to just expect it to pop up at the latest possible time. That way you’re not preparing for it to show up long before it does. Most refunds should be automatic, so all users have to do is wait. There is a small chance though that some refunds may not go through, and in the event that happens, Google will send out an email to the account tied to Stadia that notifies users, which should include next steps.