Sony's PS5 sales reach 25 million units

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Sony has reported its latest fiscal year 2023 earnings report, and PS5 sales have now reached 25 million units since launch in November of 2020. So far this fiscal year, the company has sold about 5.7 million PS5s. That might sound like a lot but it’s actually well below the company’s planned goal. Sony wants to sell 18 million PS5 units for the fiscal year 2023, which ends on March 31 of next year.

Giving the company just about six months to not only meet its current sales number but exceed it by another 6.6 million units. It’s a tall order. One that Sony is hoping will be possible with an uptick in sales through the holiday season. A lofty goal to be sure but not necessarily impossible. What’s probably more likely though is that Sony will fall short of that goal and end up matching last year’s sales total. Which was 11.5 million.

PS5 sales for the fiscal year 2023 are likely to fall below target

With Sony sitting so far behind its fiscal 2023 goal, the company has a lot of catching up to do. And as Engadget points out, a lot of that catching up is going to be reliant on how many consoles Sony can sell during the holidays. Which in turn is going to depend on Sony being able to meet the demand with a steady supply.


The PS5 is still a challenge to acquire. In many cases you can’t just walk into a retailer and find the console on the shelf. Though it is more possible now than it was two years ago. Sony is also more consistently offering PS5s and PS5 bundles on PlayStation Direct. And without having to sit in a queue to get one. One only needs to have a PlayStation account and sign in. At which point you can add the console to your cart and make the purchase, provided there are some in stock.

In the past, Sony has said it expects the PS5 to catch back up to PS4 sales by its fourth year. And with supply issues dwindling that will become easier to do.