Sony intros LYTIA branding for mobile image sensors

Sony LYTIA branding image 2

Sony, or to be more specific, Sony Semiconductor Solutions Corporation (SSS), just introduced the ‘LYTIA’ branding for mobile device-specific image sensors.

Sony has announced ‘LYTIA’ branding for its mobile image sensors

So, Sony’s future image sensors will bear the LYTIA branding. Sony says that the name ‘LYTIA’ actually comes as a combination of letters from the word ‘Lyra’ (the constellation), and the word ‘light’.

The company said that image sensors under this brand are designed to provide a creative experience that is “beyond imagination”. Sony believes this branding will make it easier for users to understand the benefits of the sensors, and promote them as products.


As most of you know, Sony’s camera sensors come with the ‘IMX’ branding at the moment. Like the Sony IMX989 1-inch camera sensor that everyone is talking about these days.

Sony did not really go into detail regarding any of this. We’re not sure if the ‘IMX’ name will be replaced, or will the Lytia name be used for some sort of special sensors moving forward. Perhaps Sony will use that name for its phones only, who knows.

The company even released a promo video as part of the announcement

The company did release a promo video for the ‘LYTIA’ brand, though. It has a duration of almost a minute and a half. You can check out that video below the articles, where it’s embedded.


Now, some of you will remember that Huawei announced its ‘XMAGE’ camera imaging brand earlier this year. That kind of differs to this, though. Sony specifically mentioned that ‘LYTIA’ is the new branding for image sensors, not a camera imaging brand.

It is possible that the company plans to use it on its devices, though, as branding. We’ll have to wait and see what Sony is planning exactly. But, by the sound of it, this is for camera sensors only. On the flip side, this artsy YouTube video does suggest that branding will be used more widely, perhaps even on Sony’s phones.