Samsung sets new record for long-range mmWave 5G speeds

5G Logo Illustration AH May 6 19

Samsung has achieved record-setting long-range mmWave 5G speeds in Australia. The company Monday announced that it reached a peak download speed of 2.7Gbps at a distance of more than 10km from the network source. It reported an industry-high average download speed of 1.75Gbps and an upload speed of 61.5Mbps at such an extended range. The Korean behemoth hit the milestone in a recent field trial conducted with NBN Co., a publicly owned corporation of the Australian government.

According to Samsung, this is the farthest 28GHz mmWave Fixed Wireless Access (FWA) 5G connection it ever recorded. To achieve an industry-leading speed across a distance of 10km, the two companies utilized eight component carriers (8CC). It is an aggregation of 800MHz of mmWave spectrum, the Korean firm explains. Its beamforming technology enabled the aggregation of such large amounts of bandwidth at a distance of 10km.

Samsung used its in-house 28GHz Compact Macro for the trial. It is the industry’s first integrated radio for mmWave spectrum. The solution combines a baseband, radio, and antenna within the same equipment. This makes the radio compact and lightweight while still supporting all frequencies within the mmWave spectrum. The Korean firm says it simplifies the deployment of mmWave 5G services. Samsung’s Compact Macro is already used in commercial 5G networks in Japan, Korea, and the US.


Samsung achieves record-setting mmWave 5G speeds at a 10km distance

Samsung launched the world’s first mmWave 5G FWA services in 2018 in the US. Since then, the company has been leading this revolution with a complete end-to-end portfolio of mmWave 5G solutions. It offers in-house chipsets, radios, and all other equipment needed to expand the 5G momentum globally. The latest milestone achieved in Australia is a testament to the Korean behemoth’s 5G advancements. It also highlights a key advantage of the mmWave spectrum — support for large amounts of bandwidth across a long distance.

“As demonstrated in the trials, the 5G mmWave spectrum is not only viable for the deployment of high-capacity 5G networks in dense urban areas, but also for wider FWA coverage,” Samsung said in its press release announcing the new achievement. “Extending the effective range of 5G data signals on mmWave will help address the connectivity gap, providing access to rural and remote areas where fiber cannot reach”.

The Australian government is looking to deliver reliable broadband internet across the continent through its NBN network. It is part of an AUD 750 million investment plan. Samsung will seemingly supply the necessary equipment and technologies for the project.