Samsung Galaxy A12; a lower mid-range device with praiseworthy specifications

Samsung Galaxy A12 render image 11

Samsung has come yet again with another praiseworthy smartphone not long after the launch of the Samsung Galaxy A11, with Samsung Galaxy A12 announced in December 2020. So far, the smartphone has gained quite a good number of fans for several reasons.

However, there is quite a handful of reasons that cause the users to give some otherwise reviews.

In this article, we shall explore the number of features that will make every penny worth spending and enlighten the specs that disappointed its users.


Samsung Galaxy A12 Is Available At A Mid-Range Price For Its Consumers:

Samsung Galaxy A series is famous for being the budget-friendly smartphone series by Samsung. The Samsung mobile model A12 price in Pakistan is 27,500 PKR, which is justifiable for a smartphone with 4GB of RAM and 128GB of media storage.

Features That Are Hard To Ignore:

Without a doubt, Samsung Galaxy A12 is comparatively better and more improved than its previous launch. So, let’s dive in to explore the offered specs.

Captivating Design:


Before we talk about the smartphone’s features, let me tell you about the appealing matte finish and non-slippery handgrip that Galaxy A12 offers.

So, if you are a person that tends to drop their mobiles often accidentally, you shall not worry about dropping them anymore with Galaxy A12.

Attractive Display:


This model has an HD display resolution of 1600p-720 pixels, with a big 6.5-inch screen that delivers a promising TFT Infinity V Display.

The diagonal lining pattern design on the back of the smartphone with the non-matte division at the bottom gives the smartphone a distinct two-toned color effect. Making it a much more tolerable choice among the other options with plastic back.

Battery And Quadruple Camera:


Its OH SO SATISFYING 5000mAh battery is enough to last through your favorite show or game streaming without you having to sweat about charging the phone.

With the Galaxy A12, the company decided to add another lens and notch up the game. The quadruple rear camera comprises a 48 MP main supported by a 5 MP ultra-wide, 2 MP macro, and 2 MP depth sensor.

These camera specifications deliver stunning image results in adequate and decent light settings. And the variety of lenses comes in very handy to capture charming, professional-looking, and portrait shots.


But you should ensure your toddler or small pet is on its best behavior while clicking pictures. Since the shutter takes a while to take photos while still posing, ensure they stay in that position for more than a few seconds to get the perfect shot.

Features Adding To The Accessibility:

Unlike the previous launch, the Galaxy A11 had a fingerprint sensor on the back of the phone, and the Galaxy A12 has come up with a fingerprint reader installed on the side of the phone, providing it with a clean finish. In addition, making it easier to unlock your phone quickly on the go.

The users have the luxury of the latest microSD card inclusion, along with a headphone jack and speakers with satisfyingly blasting sound, present at the bottom.


The Not-So-Satisfying Specifications:

  • Takes over 3.5 hours to charge from 0% to set fully.
  • Too many already installed apps take up an unnecessarily significant amount of the internal phone space.
  • The camera only delivers significant results when exposed to poorly or dimly lit environments. However, the camera only captures good images in a perfectly lit room.
  • Even though it does quite a remarkable job of providing smooth streaming and gaming experience, users find the phone needs more for daily usage due to its slow performance.
  • The smartphone’s performance is a bit disappointing when it comes to multitasking. Even with a generous setup of 4GB of RAM, the A12 stutters and shows evidence of lag when apps close and open suddenly. But still, if advanced apps are suddenly opened or closed, the phone gradually adapts to the load, giving users a relatively smooth performance.

Final Verdict:

Considering the battery life and overall camera and HD display experience that the Samsung Galaxy A12 offers at 27,500 PKR is a relatively inexpensive option. Instead, it is a comparatively better purchase than the launches before it.

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