Samsung's Galaxy A11 finally gets Android 12 in the US

Galaxy A11 presser

Samsung‘s Galaxy A11 is receiving the Android 12 update in the US. The budget smartphone is getting the Korean firm’s One UI Core 4.1 custom software with the new Android version. This is the last major Android OS upgrade for the phone.

Samsung began the Android 12-based One UI Core 4.1 rollout for the Galaxy A11 early last month. The update was initially released in Asia, followed by other international markets. Users in the US are also getting the new Android version today. The update is live for both carrier-locked and unlocked units stateside, with firmware versions A115USQU7CVI3 and A115U1UEU7CVJ2, respectively (via). It isn’t a wide rollout yet, though. As of this writing, units on Dish and Xfinity Mobile networks are receiving the new version. Galaxy A11 users on other networks should receive it in the coming days.

This update brings plenty of changes to the budget Samsung smartphone. The Korean firm has added a new Color Palette to its custom software. It lets you extract colors from your wallpaper and apply the to the system UI, enabling a consistent look across the device. You will not see contrasting colors on the wallpaper and the system UI, which itself gets a minor refresh. Elsewhere, homescreen widgets get a new design that makes for a cleaner look. There are also more customization options than before, so you can personalize your phone better.


When it comes to new features, there are plenty of those as well. Samsung has added new features to the camera, gallery, calendar, Samsung Internet, Samsung Keyboard, and several other apps. System dark mode, Edge Panel, Picture-in-Picture, and other existing features get improvements too. Last but not least, Samsung has improved the privacy and security of your phone with a new Privacy Dashboard.

The Android 12 update for the Galaxy A11 brings an old security patch

As with the international release, the Android 12 update for the Galaxy A11 in the US comes with the August security patch. It is quite old now, with Samsung already rolling out the November patch to its devices. But the budget handset isn’t on the company’s priority list for security updates anymore. So this is something you’ll have to live with as long as you use the phone. The device will only get one security update every six months. And as said before, no more major Android updates either. That means no Android 13 as well. The Galaxy A11 will end its life on Android 12.